Do I need to make a reservation?
Reservations are highly recommended but not required. 
On Fridays and Saturdays we recommend at least several weeks in advance, when possible, for prime reservation times. 

How do I make a reservation?
Reservations may be made both online and by phone. 
Online reservations may be made 24 hours a day on our website by clicking the button below, or one of the many buttons that read 'Make A Reservation'. 
Phone reservations may also be made 7 days per week between the hours of 1pm and 8pm by calling our reservations office at 415.255.ASIA (2742).

What is included in my reservation?
Every reservation is a DINNER SHOW EXPERIENCE. The dinner show experience is a three course dinner and fabulous show by the transcendent Ladies of AsiaSF.
Small parties, 1-5 guests, will choose their own three course dinner once they have been sat in our dining room.
Parties of 6+ guests will choose either the Gold, Platinum or Diamond menu, to be served family style, for your party's size. 

Is there a service charge included in the bill?
Parties of 6+, will automatically be charged 20% service charge that will be reflected on your bill at the end of the dinner show. 

Why do you need my credit card number? Do you take a deposit?
For large parties we ask for your credit card number to hold the reservation. Nothing will be charged at booking, it is only for our cancellation and no show policy. We can/will not use the card on file to charge the dinner show experience.

How do I pay for dinner?
AsiaSF accepts a maximum of 2 cards per party at the end of dinner, as prices to not include tax, tip or drinks. AsiaSF also accepts cash. 

I am not sure how many people are in my party. Will I be able to make changes to my party size?
You have up to 48hrs before your reservation to give us your final head count. You will be charged $35 per person who drops off/doesn’t show up after the 48hrs. 
Please do note that if you are trying to add people last minute we might be full and unable to do so, so please let us know about any additional guests ASAP. 

What is the cancelation policy?
AsiaSF has a 48 hours cancellation and no show policy. If none of your party show up for your reservation we will charge the credit card you used to make the reservation the per person price of the dinner show package times the number of people that were supposed to show up. If only some of your party fail to show up for your reservation there is a $35 per person no show fee for each missing guest.
If you are trying to ADD people to your party please let us know as early as possible, there are only a set number of seats available and extra seats are not guaranteed after time of booking.

Can you make a reservation for just drinks or can someone in my party come without eating?
All seats in the dining room are reserved for dinner show experience, including our bar seating.

How old do you have to be to come into the restaurant?
Guests of all ages are welcome at AsiaSF, Thursday and Sunday. Parties with guests under 21 can only book on Fridays @ 7PM or on Saturdays @ 5PM.
For guests who ARE 21 and older, on Friday and Saturday nights, your dinner show reservation also includes complimentary admission to our downstairs dance club/lounge.

Where do I buy a gift card?

Do you offer valet or any kind of parking?
While we do not have dedicated off street parking, there is on street parking available in the surrounding neighborhood. The parking meters stop running at 6pm, so it is free after that. There is paid off-street parking on 8th Street between Market and Mission, but you can usually find closer, free street parking.
When possible we encourage you to use ride shares, such as Lyft, and have the convenience of front door drop off.

What are the shows like?
The shows are performed by the transgender Ladies of AsiaSF. They are lip-synch, cabaret style shows with choreographed dancing performed atop a red runway stage in the middle of the dining room. Each Lady of AsiaSF has her own style; from popular dance songs, 70s ballads, to more comedic numbers.

Want to ask for ‘the best seats’ in the house?
All of our seats are amazing. The stage is in the middle of the dining room allowing all the guests to have different vantage points of the choreographed dinner show experience.
Seating is determined by party size and when you made your reservation. 
Persons with disabilities/special needs or wheelchairs may need specific seats- and those requests will be honored – please be sure to let us know in advance so we can reserve necessary seating.

What kind of food does AsiaSF serve?
AsiaSF serves Cal-Asian fusion food. You and your guests will enjoy a decadent three course meal during your dinner show experience.

Do you have vegan/vegetarian options?
We have numerous vegetarian/vegan options. Items are clearly marked on the printed menu you receive upon arrival. Your server can always assist your party with any dietary restrictions. 

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
Yes. AsiaSF can accommodate most dietary restrictions. AsiaSF has an updated allergy chart with all the main allergens. Please inform the reservationist when confirming your reservation about any dietary needs/restrictions. Your server will also be able to help you with anything upon arrival. 

Can we just come in for drinks?
No. All AsiaSF dinner show guests enjoying the shows must have dinner. 

Can we order a la carte?
Only ages 8 and under are permitted to order a la carte. 
AsiaSF does not allow for regular guests to order a la carte. We have a fabulous menu, where you can choose from our many options for your decadent three course dinner.

What is the difference between small parties vs large parties?
Small parties are parties of 5 or less guests. You will each choose your own first course, main course and dessert course. 
Large parties are parties of 6+ guests. Large parties choose one of our three menus (Gold, Platinum, Diamond) for the entire party to enjoy served family style, made for your party size.

What are the large party menus?
Here at AsiaSF all of our large parties (6 or more people) need to choose either a Gold, Platinum or Diamond menu. All 3 of these menus are served family style. Vegetarian substitutions are available. Included in their price is all food, the show (featuring 6-10 performances) and a personalized souvenir menu. Detailed menu descriptions and a price chart are available under the dinner show tab or HERE.

What are the differences between the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Menus?
Gold Menu is 9 dishes, has our house classics and can be made the most vegetarian friendly. Comes with one dessert. 
Platinum Menu is 11 dishes, elevates itself with seafood and has two desserts.
Diamond Menu is 13 dishes, it's a decadent surf and turf menu, with all the big ticket items. It comes with a champagne toast with your three desserts.

Can I swap dishes out of the Gold Platinum or Diamond Menus?
No. The menus are all served family style, so people with dietary restrictions or food dislikes can easily avoid what they can’t have and gravitate towards what they can eat. 
However if your party really does not want to receive one dish, we can replace it with another dish from your menu and the same course. Please discuss with our reservationists when confirming your reservation.

Can I bring a cake?
You may bring a cake however there is a $3 per person cutting fee. There is no fee if you bring cookies or cupcakes or some other self managed dessert.
We do not sing happy birthday or have free cake. 
All reservations for both small and large parties include desserts. Please take a look at our Birthday page that describes all the amazing things we do to celebrate your birthday.

Does AsiaSF have a corkage fee?
The corkage fee is $35 per bottle (750ml). You may bring a maximum of 5 bottles. Wine & Champagne only, no liquor. You may not bring your own bottles into the nightclub at any time.

When is the Forbidden City Nightclub open?
The nightclub is open Friday nights 8pm - 12am & Saturday nights 6pm- 12am. The AsiaSF Forbidden City Nightclub is also open occasionally for special holidays.
The space can also be reserved on other nights for private parties. Please give us a call or send an email to us at contact@asiasf.com with your inquiries. 

What is the cover charge for the Forbidden City Nightclub?
On Friday and Saturday patrons of the dinner show experience can go down before/after their reservation FOR FREE. 

Can I reserve a table and do bottle service in the Forbidden City Nightclub?
AsiaSF does not take reservations for the club. Seating is first come first serve. At the moment AsiaSF is not offering bottle service.

Friends that can’t meet for dinner but want to meet after in the Forbidden City Nightclub?
On Friday and Saturday nights, if you have some friends who want to join you for the party without eating, they can meet you in our downstairs nightclub/lounge after you have finished dinner. We can put together a guest list for you so your friends will not have to pay a cover at the door. There is, however, nowhere for non-dinner guests to view the shows during dinner.

What kind of music is played at the Forbidden City nightclub?
The club DJ plays a mixture of hip hop, top 40, pop and dance.

I’m celebrating my birthday at AsiaSF, what can I expect?
★ Personalized souvenir keepsake menu. (for parties of 6 or more).
★ An announcement of your birthday celebration.
★ A special, interactive treat (a shot) from the Ladies of AsiaSF, between the first and second acts.
★ On weekends, upon arrival we have the Red Carpet rolled out so that you and your fabulous party can take pictures on it with the famous AsiaSF logo wall.
★ After dinner you will get free entry into our nightclub. 
(Weekends only) (21+) for your entire party!

I'm celebrating my bachelorette party at AsiaSF, what can I expect?
Your ‘Final Fling Before the Ring’ dinner show reservation will include 
(AT NO EXTRA COST): (Just let us know its a Bachelorette Celebration)
★ Personalized souvenir keepsake menu. (for parties of 6 or more).
★ An announcement of your bachelorette celebration.
★ A special celebratory, interactive treat (a shot) from the Ladies of AsiaSF, between the first and second acts.
★ On weekends, upon arrival we have the Red Carpet rolled out so that you and your fabulous party can take pictures on it with the famous AsiaSF logo wall.
★ After dinner you will get free entry into our nightclub. 
(Weekends only) (21+) for your entire party!
What is the parking situation at AsiaSF?
We do NOT have valet parking but we are in the SOMA district where street parking is available.